Attendee information
  I have read and agree to Capitaland Terms and Conditions.
  I acknowledged that the Organiser, CapitaLand Limited, or parties engaged on its behalf and third parties may be taking photographs and/or videos during this event. By attending or taking part in this event, my photograph, image and likeness including digitalized image likeness (Collectively “images”) may be captured or recorded, and processed by cameras, videography, live streaming and/or digital imaging systems. I hereby grant CapitaLand full rights to use these images and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for publicity, marketing or other related purposes as set out in the CapitaLand Group’s Data Protection Policy , including printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and other applications. Any intellectual property rights in respect of any images, comments, and/or materials produced by Organiser in relation to the Challenge will vest in Organiser.